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About Us

The Mission

National Directory of Vacation Rentals, Inc. is a Nevada based company whose dual mission is to be the central source for vacation rental owners and managers in the USA to promote their vacation rentals as well as become the online source for travelers worldwide to search and find vacation rentals located in the United States.

Though this site is designed for the benefit of both vacation rental owner/manager and travelers, it is our highest priority that travelers searching for vacation rentals are able to have an enjoyable and frustration free experience finding the vacation rental that fits their travel needs.

The experience for Travelers:

  • One source for all vacation rental properties
  • Variety of vacation rental options
  • Find the right vacation rental for their vacation or getaway
  • Fully Searchable Directory
  • Multiple Pictures
  • Vacation Rental Descriptions
  • Local Attractions for each area
  • Updated Availability Calendars
  • Contact and Pricing Information for each Vacation Rental
  • Sponsored & Featured Listings

The experience for Vacation Rental Owners and Managers:

  • Increased exposure for higher occupancy
  • Tangible return on investment
  • Affordable Internet marketing option over the high cost of website development and marketing on an individual basis
  • Affordable marketing option over magazine and newspaper classified advertising
  • Exciting way to capture the attention of an estimated 59 million people searching for lodging online, with 40 - 50% of all travelers staying in condos, private homes or B&B's alone
  • Easy to use and keep updated
  • Local Attractions for each area
  • Updated Availability Calendars
  • Contact and Pricing Information for each Vacation Rental
  • Sponsored & Featured Listings for added exposure for your rental
  • Powerful and easy to use Management system for scheduling and tracking your rental activity

Why did we create a National Directory of Vacation Rentals?

National Directory of Vacation Rentals was started to offer vacation rental owners and managers a professional, powerful yet inexpensive option for marketing their vacation rental(s) on the Internet and managing it professionally themselves.

The Team

Our Management team has a combined 75+ years of experience in the areas of the travel industry, marketing, Internet marketing, information technology, web services and development, property management and legal services. It is the commitment of this dedicated team to create a company that is designed to not only last for the long term, but is built on integrity, professionalism and financial responsibility.

We hope you enjoy your experience with National Directory of Vacation Rentals. We are confident that the time spent with us will be well worth the investment.


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