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Professional rental promotion PLUS your own online vacation rental management system.

National Directory of Vacation Rentals is the premiere site for travelers to search and find the right vacation rental for their vacation or weekend getaway quickly and easily. It is also the one place for Vacation Rental owners to simply and powerfully manage their rentals quickly and easily.

Not your average Vacation Rental Directory...

Listing your vacation rental with the top vacation rental directories is important (we recommend you be in several). However, with most directories a traveler might have to click through hours of links, descriptions and photos then contact dozens of rental owners only to find the rentals are already booked, until now!

Like large travel websites, National Directory of Vacation Rentals is a fully searchable directory based on multiple search criteria, including rate, rooms, bathrooms, sleeps, current availability and more. This helps travelers find the vacation rental they are looking for faster, and increases the exposure to your property, resulting in more qualified renters contacting you.

Manage your own Vacation Rental with one simple and powerful system.

"My Vacation Rental Manager" is a straightforward management system you use to keep your rental calendar up to date, keep track of your renter's contact information, manage the important aspects of reserving and leasing your vacation rental and more, all in one easy place. "My Vacation Rental Manager" is also 100% included with your Premium and Premium Plus Listings.

Rental Listing Options
Choose Your Listing Package Standard Rental Management Help: Rental Management Information
- Multiple-criteria searches
- Professional website design
- Searchable availability calendar
- Rental photos included 10 10
- Unlimited vacation rental description
- Detailed amenities section
- Quick summary section
- My Suitcase (saves rental searches)
- Priority category placement Help: Priority Placement 2nd 1st
- Seasonal pricing details section Help: Seasonal Rates Feature Information
- Advertised Pricing Specials
- Payment policy information
- Weather link in listing
- Area map link in listing
- Contact owner email link
- Link to your website
- Exposure in VR Getaways Newsletter
- My Vacation Rental Manager
      Reservations system
      Renter contact database
      Payment management
      Owner/renter reminders
      Automated confirmation letter
      Multiple rental reports
- Owner Administration section
      Listing statistics
      Unlimited content editing
      Real-time changes
      Owner email marketing guide
- Multiple rental types
      Vacation homes, condos, cabins
      Bed and Breakfast listings
- 24x7 Phone Service with 800 number access  
- High-quality, knowledgeable customer service agents  
- Email Service  
- Screen clients and secure your money from the guests  
- Keep your calendar updated  
- Listing duration 1 yr 1 yr
Additional Exposure Options
- Featured Listing option
      Displayed on Home Page*
      Displayed on Area Search Results*
- Sponsored Listing option
      Shown in special section for Area*
      Includes short description for listing
      Paid search engine submission
- Annual Investment First Year $99 Special 10% No Annual Fee
*Randomly selected from all featured listings and featured listings from your area
**Free listings can be renewed at no charge at their time of expiration

List a Vacation Rental Now!
Multiple Rental Discount

If you own or manage more than one vacation rental, National Directory of Vacation Rentals offers generous multiple property discounts. Our system automatically checks how many properties you have listed and gives discounts accordingly.

Discounts are as follows:

249 Listings:    50% Discount 
50+ Listings:75% Discount 

Additional Listing Features

National Directory of Vacation Rentals gives you additional promotional options within the site to focus even more attention on your vacation rental.

Featured Listings

Home Page Exposure: Your vacation rental's main picture and a link to your Detailed Description page displayed on National Directory's Home page. (randomly selected from all Featured Listings) See example.

State Search Results Exposure: Your vacation rental's main picture and a link to your Detailed Description page in State Search Results pages. (randomly selected from other featured listings in your state) See example.

Sponsored Listings

Local Area Search Results Exposure: The most powerful of the additional listing options, the Sponsored Listing brings a vacation rental to the top of all search results for the area selected by the traveler. Displayed in a special section, it lists the vacation rental title and a short description with a link to your Detailed Description page. The Sponsored option is included with Premium Plus listings.

This gives your listing the potential to be seen twice in an area search result. Plus, all Sponsored Listings are displayed together in a special section.

This listing is randomly selected among other sponsored listings for that area. See example.

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